Sunday, 4 November 2012

A Colourful Way to Keep Cosy!

Well Autumn is finally here and to be totally honest I'm already rather fed up with being cold because my back is really unhappy again so I'm a tad grumpy...

I've been having a bed dilemma too... too cold with just the duvet, with wool blanket too heavy but with fleecy thing I just keep waking up too hot the synthetic nature of the beast...

So I have been on the look out for a colourful crochet solution to my little problem................. and this week I actually managed to not only venture out but found to my delight a beauty and for the very good price of £2.99... so now I am a very happy and cosy little bunny ( well at least in bed I am...)

This Woollen Throw is a real treat for the eyes, who ever made it knew a thing about colour combining too, using a mixture of colours together to achieve this  edging...

I love it, can you tell...  it brightens my heart every time I see it... and I feel even more inspired to try to learn to crochet some squares myself!

I also won a rather nice pair of Sancho boots on Ebay last week, I say won but no-one else actually bid on them. To my delight not only did they only cost £7.99 but they actually fit me hoorah! Hardly worn!

Now does anyone out there have any idea how I might be able to lesson this mark... no idea what it is but probably oil... I thought maybe tip of an iron and a bit of brown paper?? Has anyone tried that on leather?

I'm not that bothered really but...

Yep that is home made cardboard inners till I find another pair of boot stretchers!

So what has coloured up your weekend??...

Good News update
I am very happy to report that during The Vintage Bazzaar, here in Chichester last weekend, there was a refreshment area again... so tea and cake restored!!
I can highly recommend the Beetroot and choccy Brownies... gluten free and yummy... Hooray!!


  1. A most vibrant pot of paint zipped up my weekend. A bright Violet Figue. For the back wall of my bed. The whole bedroom is getting a makeover. So far this includes hanging old window frames up. I'm looking for an old door for the head board.
    Must be that time of year again when a comfy bed seems like a must.
    Love the boots could do with some for wearing with dresses.
    Speak soon Dolly. watch out for those fireworks.

  2. I love those boots! Thanks for your suggestion for the paint and this time I will join and follow you as I meant to last time I left a comment....'tis me age! Suzy x

    1. Thanks Suzy... Me too, an unusual colour leather... they work very well with charcoal grey! Hardly been worn just needed some tlc. x

  3. The blanket and boots are lovely, what great finds :)

  4. Thanks Hilde, I'm really pleased with them! thanks for popping by... I've seen your great blog and am following you too!

  5. Hello,
    Oh what a super duper pair of boots at a bargain price!

    If You cant remove the stain, maybe polish them with darker polish to bland everything in and give them a distressed look????

    Best wishes
    Daisy J

  6. Hi just found your lovely blog, what great finds.

    1. Thanks Greeenthumb thanks for popping by...

  7. I love the colours of your blanket, what a bargain. I'm glad you now have cakes at the vintage bazaar!
    Sarah x


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