Thursday, 27 December 2012

Merino and Bamboo

Some time ago I bought a lovely vintage wool coat, you can see it here.
It fitted me perfectly but for the sleeves, rather short hmmm so I decided the time had come for me to knit myself some long fingerless gloves using four needles...  I have a real dislike of seams!
I had unravelled an old 100% merino cardigan last winter so all I needed were the needles... bamboo  3.25mm were ordered... now I'm not great at remembering to count or to write things down so I decided not to follow a pattern... rather cast on 42st keep knitting add the odd purl row for some interest then get some help when I got to the thumb which is what I did and here are the results...

I'm rather pleased... they are very soft and warm...
I'm going to make some more... to sell hopefully... adding other reclaimed contrasting coloured wool I might even try a thumb gusset next too...

I'm also attempting to knit flowers...


Smiles Cass x 


  1. Yes, these look delightful. Prefect for short sleeves or long arms;)
    My shop was a bit of a result yesterday. It brought a smile to a rather dull day. I can't find my USB key so having trouble putting images on my blog.

    1. Keep looking Jane coz I want to see all your finds!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Ms George... I love dark charcoal too!

  3. Your gloves look amazing how clever you are without using a pattern and a great way of recycling.
    Thank you for your comment, we did appreciate it.
    Sarah x

  4. These gloves are fantastic, I also bought a winter coat from the charity shop last year with very short sleeves so I was going to have a go at making some longer versions of the owl wrist warmers in a recent Mollie Makes mag. But your gloves are so much nicer and much more me - can you remember roughly how much yarn they used up as I only have 100g in the colour I want to use? I've never used four needles before so it will be a steep learning curve but I am definitely going to give it a go. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and have a fab weekend. xx

    1. Oh Juliab so sweet of you... they were the first thing I've ever knitted with four needles and only the second thing ever!
      Mine weigh less than 100g, I used reclaimed dk and four 3.25mm needles... I wanted mine quite tight so cast on 42st, spread them evenly between 3 needles and use the fourth to knit... there are lots of types with or without thumbs if you need a pattern I'm knitting another pair, again using 4 needles but this time with a gusset very easy if you send me an email address I'll send it to you. Go for it! smiles Cass x


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