Thursday, 4 April 2013

Welcome to April... art and projects...

The next in the Calendar collection... (more about this project here)

We welcome April..

I love the little Blackbird, the rather surprised Bunny and that Cat...

Colourful Creativity indeed...

As for me I went along to patchwork/quilting group yesterday and started my first piece of patchwork, I thought I'd make a cover for my sewing machine out of some cotton sent from a friend in Canada. This idea may change...

I've cut my 4.5" strips and worked out the order that I will sew them together... after sewing I'll cut them up into another strip but this time  creating the desired squares of 4"x 4"...
It was suggested that I cut out lots of 3.5" squares and sew them together but I just laughed....

Other projects on the go this week...

I bought 2 of these 50g Rowan Felted Tweed balls last year, I couldn't resist... the colours are so beautiful, recently I found a hat pattern I like so have started a tension square... find the pattern here in The Gentle Art of knitting.

I've also cut up an old felted jumper I found at a local charity shop to make a hot-water bottle cover. My last cover has totally disappeared... very strange as I live alone... but it is nowhere to be found, I've run out of even the most bazaar possibilities.... so another is being made...

I'm also coming ever closer to making some clothing... bought some beautiful fabrics recently with my birthday money... still building confidence for that new adventure...

And finally

Seen the new postal booklet... OMG !!

Watch out girls it's all change on everything... No packets, three holes to fit things through or a box sizes to fit things in...
I'd only just got to grips with the last lot!

As for the new leaflets layout... user friendly NOT...
I thought the last one was really straight forward and quick to use...

Thought I'd be sending a small but deep object by packet post £2.20 but no New system in place...  cost me 40p more to send something of 125g second class standard parcel now everything is only insured up to £20 for any standard post too.

Sorry for the moan but it is all rather complicated... off for a cuppa...
Oh dear, I'll have an other go at getting my head round the whole thing later...

Goodness just looked out the window... snow flurry... thought at first it was falling blossom...

Till next time
Smiles Cass x


  1. I have been intending to make a sewing machine cover for at least three years - your is going to be very pretty. I wonder what happened to your hot water bottle cover, how strange?! juliex

  2. Well done you for starting some patchwork - I keep getting bits of fabric out, looking at it, then putting it away again. I'm determined to make some cushion covers over the holidays but time's getting on and not so much as a scrap has been stitched - sigh. Might start with a pin cushion x Jane

  3. Firstly your patchwork looks great, those colours look fab together! I'll have to get my head around postage, we pay a fortune for it, and as you know, sometimes an appalling service! :) x

  4. Gosh, you do have a lot of projects on the go, clever you! I love the colour you have chosen for your knitted hat and what a good idea for a hot water bottle cover. The new prices for Royal Mail postage are ridiculous; more business for couriers I guess.

  5. You will find your hot water bottle cover when you stop looking and have finished the new one! EE xx

  6. Lots of lovely projects on the go x

  7. Love when you said you laughed at the idea of cutting out tons of small squares (it is tedious, although worth it if you can face it).
    I knitted that same hat up in Rowan Tweed (pink) a couple of christmas's ago. It's a great pattern and looks really good on.

  8. Hi there
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog,nice to meet you. I have also knitted that same hat and loved how quick and pretty it turned out. The yarn shop in Shoreham is called something like "Knitting and needlecraft" I am sorry I can't quite remember its full name. Its on the pedestrian bit of Shoreham town centre and I am sure any local could point you in the right direction. Have fun x Penny

  9. Love your makes! Don't get me started on the Royal Mail charges....grrrrr! xx

  10. Hi my simplicity pattern is from years ago and I mean years! You can get them online but I am not sure how much they cost these days. Thanks for looking at my dress - get stuck into your stash and get sewing. I would love to see what you come up with.


  11. So many lovely works in progress! The fabrics are gorgeous, and go beautifully together. Your knitted hat is coming along nicely, can't wait to see it finished.
    Have a great new week :)

  12. Hi, I just wanted to stop by and say thank you for the like. You have so many lovely projects on the go enjoy your patchwork. I know what you mean about the postage costs to its very complicated and expensive now its a shame. Have a lovely week, dee x

  13. Oh my goodness! I had no idea they had changed all the postage! Thanks for the heads up - I had only just got used to swopping over from the French system back to the UK system and haven't posted out anything for a few weeks.
    The mysterious missing water bottle cover! You know, you'll probably find it when you've finished that new one! :)


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