Saturday, 13 July 2013

Fabulous vintage fabric and homegrown goodness...

Firstly thank you for your kind comments to get well from the dreaded flu lurgy... still a bit congested 10 days on but so much better..

Anyway onto cotton vintage fabric finds...

I had a bad vintage eBay experience recently which left me £5 out of pocket with no fabric and feeling ... well a tad pissed off so I'm so pleased that the fabric I won this week has all been fabulous...

I had entended to cover this bit of foam for a seat for Maud, but as lovely as this fabric is it is also very soft and I'm not sure it will wear well... so am having a rethink...

There is enough to make a bottom and back cuison, I wondered if I sew a heavier twill type fabric behind it would that help??

Any thoughts??

I thought some recycled dark unstretchy Denim...

I love it.... and it would work a treat visually but I would be very sad if it just ripped!


I won a few small bits, below is my favourite...

Then I found and to my surprise came home to find I'd won this beautiful piece of Rapsodi Boras cotton... which I am in awe of... it only arrived this morning.... Mmmmmm

I'm very, very happy with all the vintage fabric I've got for my £25 of Paypal credit...

Meanwhile a quick visit up to the allotment yesterday

- to pick leaves, herbs and flowers for salads,

- to pick side shoots off tomatoes and tie them to stakes,

- to feed toms / courgettes / cucumbers / squashes with lovely smelly comfrey and nettle water 1:10

  I make this regularly throughout the growing season storing it in old containers...
  I wait till the plants start producing fruit and then feed every fortnight or so.

- cut the first courgettes of this season,

- picked some strawberries,

- picked some more gooseberries

I have a friend joining me up there later today so we will be lifting some salad spuds...
so new spuds for tea!!

Hope you too are eating the fruit of your labours... and are having a lovely weekend...

Smiles Cass x


  1. eating chocolate here (melted!) but I did buy it myself so does that count?

  2. Fabulous fabrics.....fabulous fruits! :) x

  3. Hi Cass,

    Happy to hear you are feeling better! I like your fabrics. Great patterns and colours.

    Oh, you have courgettes already. I only have lots of flowers, but no vegetables yet. Your fruit looks good too!! Part of the gooseberries on my bush have mould. It must be because of the wet spring.

    Happy new week,

    Madelief x

  4. I saw those courgettes after reading about those lovely fabrics and saw only stuffed fabric vegetables. Honestly I had to really concentrate. Duh!

  5. Beautiful colors and gorgeous craftsmanship, I like bright attractive colors.
    Great summer week from Marit.

  6. That's some wonderful material you have there. Comfrey juice has the most delicate of aromas :) but good stuff! x

  7. What fantastic fabric!! Wow, I love it. Great photographs too. I especially love the bees on the purple headed flower. Xx

    1. Thanks Jo, I don't seem to be able to reply to you in person there's no link... and I'm still not able to follow you... very odd. Maybe if you add the blog lovin link to your blog or contact me via email with your address (see link and address on right border) then I'll be happy to send you some seeds and possibly some baby hh plants. Cx

    2. Ah, I didn't get this is I'd commented using an URL not my google+ profile! You have the opposite issue to me! I want to reply as my blog name but it will only allow me to reply as me. I've searched and searched for a remedy, to no avail. Right, off to get your email address! Finally!


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