Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Frogs and Hogs...

Well spring has sprung...

I'm very happy to report that at least two of the larger frogs, in my little garden survived the winter, I saw them swimming around yesterday and today there is loads of frog spawn in my pond.

I am very very excited as this is the first year it has happened!!

For the past 6 years I have dutifully brought a little from the little pond up at my allotment and popped it in here...

Yesterday I covered the allotment pond, so the spawn would be protected from any late frost and from being eaten..

I do love frogs... and they do a fantastic job munching all those slugs...

Talking of slug munchers...

more good news the Hedgehogs have survived the winter too!!

I saw two last night...

This big chap

and a much smaller one too.

Isn't nature just grand...


  1. Oh, I haven't seen a hedgehog for real in years and my little man has never seen one. Sadly, my Mr squidged a frog under the car tyre on our drive last week. Whoops! M x

    1. Oh dear!
      You could try putting scraps out for them like I do...
      once they realise it is there you'll be added to their route and they'll come at the same time so if you put a bowl by a window or door step you'll be able to see a hedgehog whenever you want. They are fairly deaf and blind so it is quite easy to watch them and they do need all the help they can get...
      Thanks for stopping by. Cx

  2. Oh Cass how exciting I adore frogs! We too have a very huge hedgehog in the garden and I am very proud to say we are also hosts to a pair of nesting Thrush and Wren! Sending warm wishes from an old farmhouse - Glenda

    1. It is such a fabulous time of the year isn't it Glenda... My... Thrushes I haven't seen any round here for years but like you I do have wrens and blackbirds too busy building nests and bursting into song, a real delight!!

  3. hiya
    love frogs
    lucky you
    and love
    thanks for
    your kindness


  4. Aww, I do love spring! It is so beautiful and all the new life makes me so happy. I was driving through the countryside and saw all the new lambs the other day, they were so cute!

    1. Lambs are always such a delight to watch... so filled with joy!

  5. oooh How exciting! I would love to watch frog spawn from start to finish, I love the miracle of how the tadpole develops into a frog!

    How lovely is your little spiky chap! I have a wood mouse that lives in my tiny garden and I love him!

  6. Nature is wonderful. No better way to rid the garden of slugs than with frogs and with no effort (other than transporting a bit of spawn maybe!). Love the hedgehog.......and always think of Mrs Tiggywinkle :-)
    Katie x

  7. Hi, just a little note to say I love your picture of daffodils they are my favourite.Kind Regards Pam.


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