Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Sculptural Treat... Part 1

Last Saturday I decided it was the day to visit the Cass Sculpture Foundation just down the road at Goodwood in Chichester.
My parents were here so we took a picnic, sadly I didn't quite make it all the way round but what a fantastic place to visit and I'm so glad I took lots of images.

What a Treat!!

Ellis Oconnell's  Stem  2008

Diane Maclean's  Encampment   2000
Coloured stainless steel

It was so lovely to be able to wander around seeing over 80 pieces of sculpture in such beautiful natural settings...

Another Ellis O'Connell

Curve to Point 2008

Gerry Judah's

Alpha  2010

Painted Steel

The beautiful Carrena Marble Spirit of Life
By Helaine Blumenfeld

I really love this organic sculpture sadly no information as yet but wish I could have rehomed it!

Stephen Cox's stunning

Lingam of a Thousand Lingams


Black Indian Granite


  1. Hi Dolly, found you! Great photos. Hope you didn't stand too close to the boulder mound. Looks a bit unsteady.


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