Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Cass Sculpture foundation part2

These are amazing and what a setting!

Peter Burke's  Janus Head
1999    cast iron and carten steel

Steven Gregory's   One of Us on a Tricycle
2008  Bronze

Danny Lane's  Stairway

Tony Cragg's    Tongue in Cheek 
2003  Bronze

Steven Cox's  Grand Peregrine

Indian Granite

Tim Morgan's  Vein

These looked striking... hundreds of little tubes of glass

David Worthington's  Yo Reina  2003 in  Botticcino Classico Marble was so pleasing both to the eye and to touch I would have loved to have brought it home to enjoy it in my little garden...

Part 3 to follow soon... ish...


  1. Thanks for posting these up, lot's of work by you I can see. I think the last one is the one I wouldn't mind in my garden. I don't know though most of the sculptures I find leaves me quite cold. Strange but true. I much prefer your garden. More personality!

  2. There are some beautiful works here. Our town has recently spent and exhorbanent amount on three fake rocks. They look like dinosaur droppings and I have yet to find anyone that is the least bit impressed with them.

    Just to let you know, I have linked these to posts on sculptures to a thread on facebook where the dino dung is being discussed and invited the readers to come look at some "real" art.

  3. Lovely pieces! - the first one looks like a huge chocolate mould. Favourite is the 'one of us on a bike'


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