Friday, 6 July 2012

Chichester's Vintage Market Bazaar

There are couple of local new vintage events in Chichester, only 6ish miles away... I'm so excited that I can actually get to them and the refreshment area is run by the lovely Emma of Newton's Bakery  all the goodies are Gluten Free so I can actually have a yummy bit of home made cake too... What a treat!!

It really was full of really lovely people, great vintage and upcycled handmade things. I arrived with my friend Tracie and we both left happy with our purchases...

I'll try to pluck up courage to take some photos next time...

I found a great colourful crochet double blanket from the 50's in need of some tlc...

A pretty new dress which I've nearly repaired...

And some rather lovely leather shoes that I just had to buy as they actually fit!

I love the colour, they don't appear to have been worn at all but I have no idea of their age I've not seen a heel like this before... not that I know much about shoes really.

Any ideas?


  1. Lovely shoes, they look quite small. The colour is great. The dress too is extra nice. I haven't seen a crochet blanket like that for sometime

    1. The shoes are old clarks size 5 so they fit my 4-4.5 footzies really well Jane... the heel shape is well balanced too so even I can walk easily in them...

  2. Thanks for popping by, love the up cycling vibe! Ada :)

  3. Ooooooh.....j`adore ces chosures!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O) il ont MAGNIFIQUES!!!!!!!!!! :o)
    WITH LOVE FROM Moscow!!!
    xxx Maria xxx

  4. Very nice indeed - I am partial to a bit of crochet (those clashy colours) - hope to see you at the next one!

  5. Wish I'd known about this bazaar in Chichester. I've been there today and see St Winifred's charity shop is having a vintage do tomorrow.

  6. Ruth Vintage and Very Nice Market Bazaars now run monthly. see our website for details

  7. And by all means GreenOrchid come along and take photos, we love mentions in blogs, especially when we stumble upon them, like I did tonight


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