Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Vintage arrivals...

Hello again!

Oh what a week full of goodies arriving...
To cheer up a rather cold spell...

First to arrive was my vintage fabric Swap from the lovely Joanne from Revamped Vintage, you can find her blog here...

We were partnered up via Ada of vintagesheetaddict.blogspot.co.uk/

I hope to make a lampshade from each of these lovely bits above...
My plans keep changing for the bit below...

After a good soak this beauty is vibrant again and I just love it!

and some sweet little handmade paper birdies...

THEN a much awaited box arrived from NewYork via Etsy...

After another good soak in ecover bleach....

This beautiful 50's dress, lovely full skirt with the sweetest homemade flowers at the shoulder and cute bees to die for...

This was a real treat, paid for with paypal credit from selling a couple of things on ebay...

So what else has been happening... well thanks to the very talented Lucy of http://attic24.typepad.com/ 

I have been making crochet flowers from recently found yarn...

I can't really believe I can actually crochet!!

Well flowers anyway... granny squares next...

I also found this 70"s pattern yesterday on ebay so am waiting for it to arrive so I can make my first dress...

and I have another Swap to think about this time via Bobo Bun I am paired up with the lovely Nancy from Canada... a long way away maybe but we find we have a great deal in common...

So I feel content, the sun is out, I have washing being blown about on the line, first time this year so all is well...

The week before was a different story... cd player broke... both headlights stopped working on the car (on the way home in the dark!) and the fridge freezer died... always in threes eh always in threes...

Smiles Cass x


  1. Hi Dolly, all those things look lovely. I had a disappointing day. The stove I went to see was a bit too beyond repair and all the cars are acting up. It is milder though. I am so glad you managed to get those stains out! Ecover bleach eh!!

  2. Life can be both snakes and ladders, but you're keeping busy I see. x

  3. Pleased to see you have mastered crochet, it's very addictive so be careful you might get hooked! Looking forward to seeing some granny squares.
    EE xx

  4. Nice fabric swaps. And your dress is fabulous.
    Crochet is fun, isn't it :) Your crochet flowers came out beautifully, and I'm sure you will enjoy crocheting granny squares.
    Wishing you a happy weekend :)

  5. hello,
    pretty fabric swap.like your dress.your crochet flowers are beautiful.looking forward to seeing some granny squares!
    wishing you a beautiful weekend,

  6. Hi Cass! I'm so sorry you've been having trouble contacting me...I stupidly set up my blogger account using an e-mail address that I now hardly use...I have a new one - rainbowvintagehome@googlemail.com - but I can't figure out how to make blogger connect to that one instead. Apologies for that! If you're on facebook the best way to contact me is through my page -https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rainbow-Vintage-Home/319039901471210 Anyway sorry it's been tricky for you to get hold of me! I love the fabric in the 2nd photo! If you can't figure out what to do with it you can always swap it with me...I'm curious now as to which fabric(s) you would like to buy...let me know and I'll sort it out! Take care lovely. Rachel x

  7. I like your blog .love the fabrics willcheck in again hx


  9. I like that dress, what a treasure! Suzy x

  10. Dear Cass
    Shame on me for not popping round for a while but I see that you have been very busy. I thought of you yesterday as I started sorted out seeds ready for Spring and found the lovely packets that you kindly gave to me.
    I love that dress and reminds me of a dress that I made for myself about 30 years ago now....sadly now vintage I fear!
    Also love your crochet skills - good for you
    Best wishes
    PS sorry to hear of car etc - you are right it is always in threesomes!

  11. Oooh lots of loveliness! such a gorgeous dress and well done on those fab crochet flowers
    love jooles xxx

  12. I'm impressed with all your makes, but after my attempts to learn to crochet I'm blown away with your flowers!
    Have a great weekend- thanks for your comment (do you think we'll be burnt as heretics for admitting we don't like Cath Kidston??)

  13. Hi, what a lovely blog and I can't believe I haven't visited before ! I decided to check out my followers on my blog today and I'm so glad I did. I will be a frequent visitor from now on and also follow.

    I love your little crochet flowers and your fabric swap.

  14. I love that dress and your crochet flowers are wonderful.
    Sarah x


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