Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Hedgehogs need you...

It is getting cold so please look out for small Autumn juvenile hedgehogs... The last litter was very late again this year, so there will be many juveniles that just will not put enough weight on to see them through the cold of the winter...

I put dog food out every night, as soon as it gets dark, from mid October to help fatten up my local hog population to give them a fighting chance...

I found this little chap outside munching at about 5 o'clock last night and knew it was well under the safe weight so picked it up and put it in the spare box.

It weighed about 480gms they really do need to be at least 650gms and ideally 750gm to hibernate safely so I'm glad I took my opportunity to grab it. ( though I've had a headache from hell ever since  having upset my neck actually picking it up)

It ate a big bowl of dog food, some sunflower seeds, water and built itself a lovely nest and seems healthy just young...

I'm rather house bound so this little chap got taken to my local centre, by a volunteer ambulance driver.
Where it will be defluked, defleaed, fed and released next spring...

For more info on how you can help hedgehogs click here

Till next time wrap up warm...
Smiles Cass


  1. we have so many badgers here they've totally devastated the hedgehog population and we've not seen one for years. I love your little chap, how lucky that he found you!

  2. I love those little guys, we used to re-home them in our garden from Brent Lodge but they always escaped and I couldn't bear the responsibility. Every time I saw a squashed one I thought it was one of mine. Hope you're making progress and keeping strong. EE xx

  3. I bet he is thanking his lucky stars that he walked into your garden, well done on taking him in. Take care, dee x

  4. Sorry, forgot to ask if you'll have the little fella back to release in your garden next Spring?

  5. Weird, the first comment vanished :o(
    I'm so please you rescued the little fella and hope your neck is soon better. I've taken eight from my garden in the last two weeks plus another two very poorly ones out in daylight from my neighbours garden. No wonder the rescue lady is one of my dear friends now!
    Thank you for bringing the hoggies plight to the fore :o)
    Rose H


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